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“Audible Angels:” A Critical Discography of Los Angeles Hip Hop

Jennifer Lynn Stoever

Using the music of eight Los Angeles hip hop artists as examples, Stoever's article seeks to navigate the links between mainstream hip hop culture (especially Gangsta rap) and the local underground styles based in Los Angeles. Stoever's discography demonstrates the trajectory of L.A.-based hip hop from the jazz-inspired samplings of the early nineties to the mix of soul, funk, electronic music, and live instrumentation that characterizes today's scene. Click on the thumbnails of the album covers to hear a clip of the standout song for each of CDs in Stoever's "top eight."

"The Effect of Soviet Nationalities Policy on Indigenous Musical Traditions in Chechnya"

Matthew Thomas

This article describes the Russian policy of nativization in the early twentieth century and its effect on Chechen culture, particularly in regard to its folk music under Soviet rule. Thomas examines two important collections of Chechen folk music, compiled between 1938-9 and 1958-60, and outlines the increasing Westernization of the music and underlying themes of resistance. There are both listening and score examples throughout. Click on the links to view or listen.

Digital Composer Archive

Joanna Sisk-Purvis

In recent months, USC composer Steven Gates has been garnering national attention with pieces such as "Among Joshua Trees," an orchestral work commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony and premiered at Carnegie Hall. Los Angeles new-music culture maven Joanna Sisk-Purvis sits down with Gates to dicuss his works, inspirations and influences, and what is on the horizon for this up-and-coming young composer. Many of the images on each page are links to audio clips of the interview or excerpts from Gates' music.