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A Welcome from the Editor

It's hard to believe it was a year ago that we launched the first issue of Resonance: an interdisciplinary music journal. We have all had a very productive year. Soon after the first issue of Resonance appeared online, we started planning for the next issue and decided to try something different: a theme. We settled on Musical Cultures and Subcultures. The two articles we ultimately selected for the issue deal with the theme in divergent ways.

Our first article, by Joshua S. Duchan (Ph.D. candidate in Ethnomusicology at the University of Michigan), is an ethnomusicological study of collegiate a cappella singing groups. Observing such groups both from without and within, Duchan has assembled a fascinating study of the social dynamics and performance practices of this collegiate subculture that often functions outside of traditional musical performance departments. Duchan has included sound clips and photographs to help the reader hear and see this subculture in action.

Xiaole Li, a recent graduate from the University of Hawaii, has contributed an analytical study of the integration of traditional Chinese music with musical practices of the West. In her article, Xiaole studies the work of Chinese composer Chen Yi and specifically Chen's Ba Ban for Piano Solo, which meshes elements of the eponymous folk song with dodecaphonic processes and numerological ideas like the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci series. Xiaole's article contains musical clips and score excerpts as well as examples of calligraphy and hexagrams from the Yijing (Book of Changes).

The Digital Composer Archive offers a portrait of Jeffrey Holmes (D.M.A. student at the University of Southern California). Classical guitarist and fellow D.M.A. student Kevin Cooper conducted an interesting and very entertaining interview with the composer that touches on Holmes' influences, compositional processes, and philosophy about finding time to balance his creative art with more practical concerns. In keeping with our theme, the archive is also a record of the culture of collaboration here at USC. By clicking on various links, you will be able to hear clips of Jeffrey Holmes' music and parts of the interview. There are also score excerpts and a full transcript of the interview.

On a personal note, I will be stepping down as Executive Editor after this issue as I am graduating this summer. I would like to thank my colleagues for choosing me for this position and for allowing me to serve as editor of this journal. I am very proud of what we have accomplished and I wish my successor and my colleagues all the best.

Please enjoy this musical journey of cultures and sub-cultures!

Christine Lee Gengaro

Executive Editor, Resonance: an interdisciplinary music journal