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Film as Multimedia and Performance: Analyzing Dada Film Music and Erik Satie's Cinéma

Samuel N. Dorf

Dada films were conceived as multimedia events, intended to shock and awaken audiences. In this article Samuel N. Dorf takes an engaging look at the aesthetics of Dada film music as a component in multimedia events. A close study of Erik Satie’s music for René Clair’s Entr’acte demonstrates the way in which Satie’s music compliments and engages Dadaist aesthetic aims.

Art Music in the Abstract Animated Films of Oskar Fischinger and Mary Ellen Bute: Form, Structure, and Narrative

Christine Lee Gengaro

This article traces the artistic and commercial endeavors of two influential early filmmakers recognized for their innovative integration of music and image: Oskar Fischinger and Mary Ellen Bute. Film clips, still images and audio excerpts provide a vivid demonstration of the musical and filmic landscapes explored by these two pioneers.

Digital Composer Archive: Tom Osborne

Andrea Moore

Composer Thomas Osborne's work has been performed by the New York Youth Symphony, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble and the T'ang Quartet, among others. Recognized by the New York Times for his "handsome study in musical contrasts", and by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for his " Lisztian...scope and pyrotechnics", Tom synthesizes disparate
styles into an unmistakable personal voice that's both tempestuous and refreshing. Here he talks with Andrea Moore about inspiration, influence and the role of the composer in the
twenty-first century.