Submission Guidelines

The editors of Resonance encourage the submission of articles, interviews, sound clips, video clips (or works integrating several of these media resources) on subjects that focus on historical musicology or more current musical creation, performance, technology, reception, economics, and aesthetics. Contributors must be either graduate or professional students or alumni/alumnae who have earned their final degree objectives within the last three years of their journal submissions.

Article submissions should be submitted in Microsoft Word, follow style guidelines in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition), and not exceed 20 pages in length. If contributors have questions or concerns regarding style, please contact the Resonance staff. Sound clips, video clips, and Web-ready images may be submitted either as separate e-mail attachments, or as an all-inclusive document on the author’s local web server. If the latter option is taken, authors should provide Resonance with the URL for their site via e-mail. Sound files should be submitted in AIFF format or on a CD. Video should be in YouTube or Vimeo format, or be compatible with Apple’s Quick Time (.mov) and be 320W x 240H. Contributors should indicate the desired placement of the images, audio, or video in their document by referring to the filename or type.

Contributors should send full submissions as e-mail attachments to At the top of each submission, authors should include their name, home address, telephone number, e-mail address, university, and their status within their educational career (e.g. second year, PhD). Please be aware that if a submission is accepted for publication, the author is responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce or hyperlink copyrighted material. Each submission will be carefully reviewed by the editors of Resonance. Authors will be notified of the status of their contribution within 60 days of submission. While submissions are accepted at any time, the publication of each issue will be preceded by a call for papers with a submission deadline. The deadline for submitting to our next issue will be announced at a later point.


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