Welcome from the Editor

Welcome to the new home of Resonance Interdisciplinary Music Journal. We are pleased to present our current issue in a new format that builds upon the work of previous editorial staffs while introducing a different design for the journal going forward. Our Spring 2013 edition features an article by Daniel Zuluaga that explores an important treatise in the development of the alfabeto system for guitar at the turn of the 17th century. As the practice of accompanying popular songs on guitar transitioned from an oral to a written tradition, Cancionero de Matheo Bezón presented several innovations in the alfabeto literature that yield insight into the performance traditions of early Spanish song. An article by Alison Maggart focuses on Alban Berg’s use of musical symbolism from the Renaissance in his concert aria Der Wein. Berg engages a long tradition of allegory and musical iconography by setting a palindrome within a work that celebrates the ancient intoxicating libation. Our latest installment of the Digital Composer Archive profiles former USC student Kyle Malkin, who has successfully navigated a course between concert and film music. In the film, Bridging the Divide: The Music of Kyle Malkin, he discusses his work, his aesthetic, and his view of the often subtle distinction between the two compositional genres.

Eric Davis
Editor, Resonance Interdisciplinary Music Journal 

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